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The truth is, most of the work of creating a powerful digital presence is determining what technology recipe you need, and where your market is most likely to be found. Once this is determined, your needs fall into place. We can do this for you, then build the perfect website, app, or Social Media page you need, and then get you a table in the right neighborhood to to get your business sizzling. 409 299 0781 more

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Susan Kilcrease (Sue Sue)

﷯The main cook, the chief bottle-washer, the buck stops here but I'm not above taking tips! I started my career as a musician. After getting a degree in music from Lamar University (don't ask when), I sang opera professionally and taught high school choir. I married a real geek back in the day and raised two geeky kids and joined the family technology business in 2005, mostly out of self-defense to fit in and figure out what they were talking about at dinner. Since I joined the business, I have served hundreds of website and marketing clients in just about any field you can imagine from semi-truck repair to theater arts. I have found web design and graphic design feels very natural to me because I am an artist, first so I innately and passionately see design everywhere. I believe in surrounding myself with the best. I don't waste time on anything but the best technology, and the best people. We run lean, but we are incredibly efficient and get the job done. I LOVE my job--this is a fun business! We have a great time and usually I end up friends with my clients. I always tell my clients I want them to love their website, and I think that is why I have a 98% client retention rate.

Dennis Kilcrease

network administrator

﷯The geek-o-rama, the man who stokes the fires and keeps the technology cooking, the man who keeps the wheels on the bus so the creative juices can flow unimpeded by fish or fowl. I started my career in computers a long time ago, like when people still used sticks and rocks and counted on their fingers. I had some fancy gigs--including Chief Network Engineer at Army Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, the SIPRNET email project for top military brass at the Pentagon, as well as industry experience with international companies such as General Dynamics, Gateway, and SI International. In addition to 28 years computer industry experience, I also earned a degree in Computer Information Systems, and am certified as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and am A+ hardware certified for computer repair, among other certifications. My main job around here is running my side of the business, ComputerPRO, where I am a network administrator, and keep computer systems humming. I keep the home fires burning so that Sue Sue can keep cooking up ideas. My involvement in Sue Sue's Cafe also includes giving a hand with coding and script, as well as technical issues surrounding marketing.

Jana jumper

﷯I have always been a writer. Period. When I was five I wrote my first “book” titled The Majic Pounie. My mom was so proud. Anyways, I’ve never stopped writing. I remember sitting in classes in high school and college looking like I was taking copious notes, but actually adding a chapter to my latest novel. Characters would literally wake me up in the middle of the night demanding that I write this or that down. No, I’m not crazy. Well…not the bad kind. Then I graduated college and became a teacher. Not because I particularly wanted to, but because I like to eat. Teaching was awesome and I have tons of respect for those who belong to the profession, but after 7 years I’d had enough. I loved the kids, but I was bored. It no longer challenged me and I itched to write. So I bid “farewell” at the end of the school year, packed my rulers, and boxes of markers and glitter, and started writing professionally. About Me That Matters to You •Diploma in Copywriting with Merit from the Blackford Centre, London •Master’s Degree with Merit in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow, Scotland •Bachelor’s Degree in English from Baylor University, Texas •7 years professional editing experience as an English Teacher JanaJumper.com


﷯This cannot be overstated; creative, beautiful photography is critical in design. I hang around in bushes and behind corners and capture the most important moments in life. If a website has employee shots that look like a police line-up, what do you think that will do for your business? Your photography should mimic the best parts of each person's personality, their work, and capture their spirit. Over the last decade or so, stock photography has filled slide shows in websites. The newer trend is to use authentic pictures of your employees and business in a flattering and creative presentation. People want to see who they are doing business with, and I can make it is flattering to your business as possible. I am a professional photographer. In addition to my work with Sue Sue's Cafe, I also have a full photography studio.

John edwards wilson


Our Non-Humans

dewey dog




Our two most loyal team members, they are on-the-job 24/7 with a tremendous spirit for their positions. They are found napping on the desks as the creativity flows, until someone new arrives, which spurs them into action.
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